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The Viking Skute Bed Machine is a revolutionary approach to high-speed, low-cost assembly of bed foundations. With adjustable nail positions and an easy teach more, it is engineered for nailing wood build-ups, flats for metal frames, or components. The Skute can cycle one bed in 20 seconds due to a two-way nailing carriage. Production capabilities allow for a 50% reduction in labor (on average) and a 1 year ROI (on average). 

Turbo 505


Standard Features:

  • 20 Second Cycle Time
  • Dual Station Layout
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Makes Wood Build-ups or Flats
  • Fixtures Fit all Standard Bed Frames
  • Quick-change fixture and tool Locations
  • Off-load Lift
  • Up to 3500 Nails per Coil
  • Floating Gun Mounts
  • Includes six tools (optional 12 tools)(More than 12 tools can be fitted with custom application)
  • Installation, training, limited warranty, phone support, and remote diagnostics, standard with all new machine purchases 
  • Viking Services Installations in 25 Countries Worldwide
  • Viking  Fasteners Stocked in 6 US Warehouses




Frame Types

These are just a few examples of what the Viking Skute Bed Machine can produce:

K/Q/F/T Bed Frame K/Q/F/T Bed Frame K/Q/F/T Bed Frame
K/Q/F/T Standard Top K/Q/F/T Top  


Optional Accessories:

  • Wood Build-up Fixtures
  • Off-load lift
  • Wood Flat Fixture
  • Spacer
  • Extra Tools with remote triggers and connectors (Mounts available)



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