Champion 304A Classic

Turbo 505

The Champion 304A Classic is a single operator pallet system capable of producing upwards of 500 pallets/shift. As the best valued Champion, the 304A Classic continues to provide recycled and low grade lumber capabilities, durability, and pallet sizes up to 72 x 60 inches (60 x 60 inches standard). With optional mat and block kits, the 304A Classic will keep you ahead of changing market demands.
Turbo 505


Standard Features:

  • Only requires ONE operator 
  • Produces upwards of 500 pallets per shift 
  • Can run recycled or reclaimed lumber
  • Hydraulic stitch nailing
  • Compensating bulk nail chucks
  • Mat and block pallet production capabilities 
  • 60" stringer length (Optional extended lengths available) 
  • 3 stringer
  • Automated pallet turnover
  • Automated stacking
  • Automated pneumatic filter drains 
  • Installation, training, limited warranty, telephone support, and remote diagnostics, standard with all new machine purchases
  • 60” maximum and 20” minimum pallet Length (optional extended lengths available) 
  • 60” maximum and 28” minimum pallet width
  • 3.0” maximum and 1.5” minimum nail length





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Pallet Types

The Champion 304A Classic can build these types of pallets:

2, 3, & 4 Stringer Single or Double Wing Block Pallets (With the Block kit)
Euro Block (With the Block Kit) Inset Mats (With the Mat kit)
Overhang Skids  


Optional Accessories:

  • 72" stringer length capability 
  • 4th stringer option
  • Mat and block kit available 
  • Stagger nail kit (2")
  • Single, double, or quad branders
  • 1" double pallet stamp
  • Flipper/nester
  • 10" wing kit
  • End pallet locator 
  • Lift tables
  • Roll-in conveyors
  • Roll-out conveyors 
  • Random width lumber capability 
  • Notched stringer supports
  • Clipped corner tooling
  • Spanish manual
  • multi lingual option (English, Spanish, or French)

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