Safety Tips for Viking Machines

Here are some Tips & Reminders to keep your Viking machines running safely and efficiently.

General Safety Reminders

-All operators, maintenance and repair personnel should wear approved eyewear and ear protection at all times.
-All operators, maintenance and repair personnel should wear certified safety toe footwear that is in good condition.
-Do not wear loose clothes or jewelry.
-Read & obey all warning labels.
-Do not pull on or climb on wiring, air hoses, and hydraulic lines.
-Clean up spilled nails, spilled oil, saw dust, and wood scraps daily.
-Make sure all air lines are secured.
-All machine components, lumber guides, etc. are properly adjusted and securely fastened in place.

Sawdust Removal Tip

Clean machines and work area daily.

Don't use an in-house compressed air system to blow sawdust off the machines. This can be a safety hazard as it can blow dust into the air and be extremely loud. It also risks blowing nails and small pieces of wood at high speeds which could injure workers.

Instead, we recommend a battery powered garden leaf blower. It moves a similar amount of air as a compressed air system, but does not use as much concentrated pressure. It provides enough force to blow all of the sawdust away without blowing away nails and pieces of wood, which can be easily swept up.

Make sure you are cleaning and removing the dust regularly. Blow the dust off from the top of the machine to the bottom and do not forget underneath the machine. If there is a large amount of dust build up, it can get in the chains of the machine which can impact the machine's operations.

For more information, contact your Sales Representative.