Turbo 505 Upgrade Kits

Viking equipment is engineered to stand the test of time. Our commitment to quality and service is as strong as ever, but technology finds a way to  improve throughout the years. We're here to help you upgrade or replace that aging tandem and achieve NEXT LEVEL production!

  • Installed by a Viking Field Rep
  • Quick, 2 day install
  • Tech equivalent of a new Turbo 505
  • Compatible with Turbo Pro Plus software
  • Improved reliability, easier service & training

PE 9.1.17 Retrofit Upgrade-02PE 9.1.17 Retrofit Upgrade-03-01

Do you have an aging tandem?  Contact out to Mark Mitchell (MarkM@VikingEng.com) today to learn more and find out if Viking has an upgrade kit to fit your needs!