Welcome to the new VikingEng.com!

Welcome to the new and improved Viking Website!

We've updated our website navigation, part's store, added a Customer Portal and more!  We hope that this new website will be a useful tool for you, our customer, as the wood fastening industry takes steps into the future.  Viking will be a trusted partner in this process, leading the way with an emphasis on quality, innovation and service.

You can now browse and purchase parts online in our New Parts Store! Simply contact Viking to set up your account and you'll be able to quickly and easily browse parts, make your selections and check out all from your computer or mobile device. Our new parts store mirrors our machine manuals to make as easy as possible to find what you're looking for.

Another new addition is the Customer Portal. Here you can view your Viking Machines, real time production data (On your Turbo 606), your order history and more!