Viking Pallet Nails

Bulk and Collated Nails

Reliability- The workmanship and quality of a Viking Pallet Nail will be consistent.

Nail Strength- ​Viking nails have the highest carbon content in the industry.

Service- ​We learn your business to provide you with the fasteners you need, when you need them.

Value- The Viking nail is the best quality nail in the industry at the best price, period.

Viking offers the strongest blunt point and blunt diamond point nails in the pallet industry. All Viking nails are made using C1042 high carbon wire rod, will run in any pallet machine that uses bulk pallet nails, and are guaranteed to run trouble free through your Viking machine.

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Kari Davis

Nails Account Manager
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Joan Montague

Nails Account Manager

Warehouse Network

  • 7 convenient warehouses throughout the United States.
  • Strategically placed for one day delivery to most customer locations.
  • Fully stocked with the most commonly used and specialty nails for all production needs.