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Darin Miller Miller Pallet Company
I've been in business for 13 years and I have always run a Viking. In my opinion, if you don't have a Viking then you can forget the pallet business; Viking is the way to go. For what we do, the Turbo is exactly what we need. Cody worked really hard to sell it to us and he did a good job. Richmond was a selling point and it is where we got together with Cody to start the process of the new 505. We're very pleased with Viking.
Paul Dalpe Kings Wood Products
Buying a Viking is a partnership.  Viking is #1 in how they build and service machines, the company that buys a Viking should have a #1 mindset in how they do things too.
Paul Dalpe Kings Wood Products
If the company that buys the machine takes ownership in how fast the machine is running and they look at it the way Viking looks does and try to perfect every issue, they can maximize production.
Tad Hegsted Challenger Pallets
We've proven the short changeover times in our Montana plant.  It only takes us 10 to 15 minutes to go from a 3 to 4 stringer pallet.  From one type of 3 stringer to another, it only takes us 5 minutes.