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Viking University is a free online service and support tool to help take your business to the NEXT LEVEL. Viking U provides on-demand access to a growing library of training videos, guides and maintenance tips to help you maximize the performance of your Viking nailing machine, enhance workplace safety, improve operator performance and increase your bottom line. 

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View Current Course Outlines Below:

  • Tensioning Board Feeder Encoder Belt
  • Tensioning Conveyor Drive Chain
  • Setting Hydraulic Nailing
  • Power Unit Overview
  • Leveling Head
  • Hydraulic Valve Replacement
  • Exchanging Pneumatic Valve
  • Exchanging PLC Cards
  • Conveyor Overview
  • Changing Hydraulic Filter
  • Board Feed Adjustment
  • Aligning Chucks
  • Adjusting Conveyor Prox
  • Adjusting Board Feed Prox
  • Champion QC306 Machine Overview
  • Adjusting Carriage Speed
  • Replacing Drive Pin
  • I25/I26 Error Message Troubleshoot
  • Adjusting Hydraulic Accumulator
  • Replacing Hydraulic Accumulator Piston Rings

    Coming Soon:
  • Adjusting Bottom Deck Tooling
  • Error Codes Preventing Movement
  • Squaring Carriage
  • Adjusting Stringer Guide Rails