Services We Provide


Equipment Installations

All new Viking machines are installed by our Field Service Technicians who provide setup, calibration, hands-on operator training and troubleshooting advice.


Operator Training

Getting your production numbers back on track or familiarizing new operators with your Viking equipment is as easy as scheduling a training session for your team.  All training is done on-site so that operators can learn in their work environment on the actual equipment they will be using.


Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance visits from a Field Service Technician is a great way to keep your machine in peak condition and minimize costly downtime.


Maintenance Assessment

Our Maintenance Assessment Program is an effective tool for finding the fair market value of your current Viking equipment or getting a detailed assessment of used equipment that you're considering.  Once completed, we will give you the answers you need to make good business decisions and get the correct piece of equipment.

Josh Stephens The Timbermem Inc.
We had a fire in 2010 and it destroyed all of our machines.  Within 3 days, Viking provided help and replaced the machines for us immediately.
Tad Hegsted Challenger Pallets
Over the years, Viking engineering has always stood behind their machines.  We not only know that they will help us with upgrades and spare parts, but that they will react quickly to support us with anything we need.
Jimmy Wilson Bay Wood Products Inc.
It was Friday evening and we had to get an order out by Sunday. We called Viking forhelp and their service technician answered on his way home from work. He told us the moment he got home he would get online and help us solve the problem.  Within a half an hour, Viking discovered the problem and eliminated the panic on a Friday night.
Darren Turner Pontrilas Timber
We can call Viking in the afternoon and have whatever products we need by the very next day.
Stephan Harms Pacific Pallet
Kenneth (Viking Service Technician) had superb knowledge of the Viking machinery.  He knew about 80% of the things he had to fix just by watching the machine run."
Stephan Harms Pacific Pallet
“Kenneth (Viking service technician)  worked with our employees at a steady pace to make the machine more productive.  More time was spent making pallets, so he was able to make the machine easier to work with.”
Stephan Harms Pacific Pallet
“Kenneth (Viking service technician)  left on such a positive note that we are looking forward to him coming back at a future date to help us improve our operations.”   
Gil Viera The Pallet Group
"Viking's call center is second to none.  We have tried other competitors who we couldn't reach when our machine was down.  If we have a problem, over the phone, the call center can figure it out and we are up and running in 5 minutes."
Jobhan Randhawa A1 Pallets Inc
The installation and training process was great. We went through the entire machine and the Viking Technician walked us through what could happen in a normal day and how to solve any issues.
Ashton Tourison ACME Pallet
The call center is very helpful. We rarely end up on hold, but if we do it’s typically less than a couple minutes.
Greg Calhoun CALco Pallets
We’ve been extremely pleased with the Viking products we utilize in our operation. Not only are the products made of high quality, their service and parts departments have assisted us tremendously over the years.
Ron Young R B Pallet Service
The machines are reliable and their service is second to none. The call center support guys are awesome.