Champion QC306

With the ability to use recycled and low grade lumber, the Champion QC306 is a single operator system that produces upwards of 500-600 pallets/shift. The flexibility of the QC306 allows for optional mat and block production capabilities, extended pallet sizes, and quick changeovers. Containing the most versatile features and functions, the QC306 allows your business to thrive in times of market volatility.

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• Produces Upwards of 500 - 600 Pallets/Shift

• Single Operator Machine

• New and Reclaimed Lumber Can Be Used For Pallet Productions

• 4 Stringer Standard

• 72” Standard Stringer Length

• 40 Pallet Configuration Storage

• Automated Pallet Turnover

• Automated Stacking

• Automatic Pneumatic Filter Drains

• Compensating Bulk Nail Chucks

• Programmable Controllers

• Quick Change Stringer Rails

• Hydraulic Nailing

• English/ Spanish Operator Screens

• Direct Modem Link For Remote Diagnostics

• Diagnostics: Standard With New Equipment Purchase

• Lease/ Loan Options Available on New (and Pre-Owned) Equipment

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• 96” and 124” lengths

• (No quick change stringer rails)

• Mat Kit & Block Kit

• Stagger Nail

• Flipper/Nester

• Roll-In Conveyors with

• Hydraulic Lift Tables

• Additional Roll-Out Conveyors End

• Pallet Locator

• 2.25” (57mm) Tail Stringer Capacity

• Single, Double, or Quad Electronic

• Branders

• Ink Stamper


Darin Miller Miller Pallet Company
I've been in business for 13 years and I have always run a Viking. In my opinion, if you don't have a Viking then you can forget the pallet business; Viking is the way to go.
Gil Viera The Pallet Group
"Viking's call center is second to none.  We have tried other competitors who we couldn't reach when our machine was down.  If we have a problem, over the phone, the call center can figure it out and we are up and running in 5 minutes."
Paul Dalpe Kings Wood Products
Buying a Viking is a partnership.  Viking is #1 in how they build and service machines, the company that buys a Viking should have a #1 mindset in how they do things too.
Paul Dalpe Kings Wood Products
If the company that buys the machine takes ownership in how fast the machine is running and they look at it the way Viking looks does and try to perfect every issue, they can maximize production.
Tad Hegsted Challenger Pallets
We've proven the short changeover times in our Montana plant.  It only takes us 10 to 15 minutes to go from a 3 to 4 stringer pallet.  From one type of 3 stringer to another, it only takes us 5 minutes.