Automated Wood Fastening Solutions

Viking Engineering and Development has been the most trusted partner in the automated wood fastening industry since 1975. Our Viking family is personally invested in the success of our customers. As the industry leader with a global presence, Viking's commitment to providing a genuine customer experience and quality products takes their business to the next level.

We take pride in providing industry leading technology, innovation and service and have done so since 1975. As an ISO Certified manufacturer, we hold ourselves to the highest of quality standards. This commitment to quality is reflected in the longevity of our automated wood fastening equipment.

Viking has expanded to offer revolutionary solutions for bed frame manufacturing industry. The Sprint and Skute lines optimize and automate the wooden beam and foundation assembly processes, creating a more consistent product in a safer manner. View All Bedding Automation

Heavy Duty and Reliable, the Bulldog Band Chopper is a scrap-chopping workhorse capable of chopping plastic strapping, metal banding and even thin saw blades. See Specs and Video Below.


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Viking Automated Pallet Equipment is engineered with innovative electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and PLC control components, representing state-of-the-art technology. View All Pallet Machinery
Darin Miller Miller Pallet Company
I've been in business for 13 years and I have always run a Viking. In my opinion, if you don't have a Viking then you can forget the pallet business; Viking is the way to go.
Josh Stephens The Timbermem Inc.
We had a fire in 2010 and it destroyed all of our machines.  Within 3 days, Viking provided help and replaced the machines for us immediately.
Wayne Hader The Pallet Factory
"With the addition of the mat kit, our block pallet production has increased by at least 100% or more per day…With this mat kit from Viking, we were able to improve our pallet quality and it has opened up many more opportunities for business in the future.  I would recommend that any pallet builder being asked for block pallets take a look at adding a Mat Kit to their Viking Champion.  We did, and we are very satisfied with its overall performance."
Stephan Harms Pacific Pallet
“Kenneth (Viking service technician)  worked with our employees at a steady pace to make the machine more productive.  More time was spent making pallets, so he was able to make the machine easier to work with.”
Stephan Harms Pacific Pallet
“Kenneth (Viking service technician)  left on such a positive note that we are looking forward to him coming back at a future date to help us improve our operations.”   
Gil Viera The Pallet Group
"What makes Viking's equipment so special are the change over times.  They are second to none in the industry.  In 15 minutes, we can complete a change over on our Turbo 505, without losing production time."
Henry Bowman C&L Wood Products
I choose Viking nailing machines because their extremely long life, their adaptability to the specialized American stringer pallet market and their outstanding technical support.
Paul Dalpe Kings Wood Products
We see Viking as number 1 in the business, no one has shown us anything that comes close.
Paul Dalpe Kings Wood Products
Viking has really changed the way we make pallets, the way we can quote, and the way we run our business.  It’s been a game changer for us and how competitive we can be in our market place.
Jobhan Randhawa A1 Pallets Inc
The installation and training process was great. We went through the entire machine and the Viking Technician walked us through what could happen in a normal day and how to solve any issues.
Ashton Tourison ACME Pallet
“The nailing speed of the Turbo 606 is what won us over.”
Greg Calhoun CALco Pallets
Minimizing downtime and reacting fast to our customer demands are key to success it in this industry. With Viking’s high quality products and innovative change-over process, this has enabled us to grow our business faster than we anticipated.
Cory McGee Phoenix Wood Products
We like the Viking Champions for their durability and consistency.  The way they build pallets is better than competition that we’ve tried
Cory McGee Phoenix Wood Products
The versatility of the Champions is one of their best features.  We can do things on a Champion that can’t be done on other machines.
Doug Raushel Savanna Pallets
“Our Vikings are very reliable, easy to use and we rarely have any down time.”