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Viking Automated Pallet Equipment is engineered with innovative electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and PLC control components, representing state-of-the-art technology.

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Turbo 606  

The Turbo 606 Pallet Nailer introduces the latest in remote monitoring technology, this allows for real-time machine production data to be accessed via many devices. Teamed with the latest technology and quickest changeovers, the 606 has the capability of building upwards of 2000+ pallets/shift with three operators. Engineered for reliable performance and longevity, the 606 offers the best combination of speed and innovation to take your pallet business to the next level.

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Turbo 505  

With production capabilities upwards of 1800 pallets/shift, the Turbo 505 is the go-to tandem Pallet Nailer in the pallet manufacturing industry. The Turbo 505 Pallet Machine is engineered to provide high output, low maintenance, and quick changeovers with fast mechanical setup (FMS), while only requiring three operators. Powered by the Turbo Pro Plus Data software, machine operators can monitor real-time information to make better decisions improving quality production and efficiency.

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Express 403  

With production capabilities upwards of 1,300 pallets/shift with 2 operators, the Express 403 Pallet Nailer is the newest addition to the Viking lineup. Providing consistent output and low maintenance, the 403 is the industry’s most economic tandem option. Powered by the Turbo Pro software, machine operators can integrate with 3rd party design software and create their own pallet specifications to improve quality production.

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Champion QC306  

With the ability to use recycled and low grade lumber, the Champion QC306 Pallet Nailer is a single operator system that produces upwards of 500-600 pallets/shift. The flexibility of the QC306 Pallet Machine allows for optional mat and block production capabilities, extended pallet sizes, and quick changeovers. Containing the most versatile features and functions, the QC306 allows your business to thrive in times of market volatility.

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Champion 304A Classic  

The Champion 304A Classic is a single operator pallet nailing system capable of producing upwards of 500 pallets/shift. As the best valued Champion, the 304A Classic continues to provide recycled and low grade lumber capabilities, durability, and pallet sizes up to 72 x 60 inches (60 x 60 inches standard). With optional mat and block kits, the 304A Classic pallet machine will keep you ahead of changing market demands.

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Used Equipment Listings  

Viking assists customers in selling the used pallet machinery. We can leverage our database of pallet manufacturers to help you buy or sell your used pallet equipment.

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